• Targets uneven skin tone & pigmentation
  • Helps to dimish signs of ageing 
  • Contains Vitamin C to brighten
  • Antioxidant-rich formula

Dermaceutic C25 Cream - 30ml

  • Concentrated antioxidant rich formular to reduce pigmentation, even skin tone and minimise signs of ageing. This best selling solution protects the skin from premature ageing and helps to reduce oxidative stress.

    This potent product contains a concetration of 25% Vitamin C to fight free radicals and brighten and rejuvenate the skin. Vitamins A, E and B5 hydrate the skin from the inside and work to support the skins structure. Using this product daily in the AM with result in a more supple, plump and even complexion.

    C25 Cream is suitable for all skin types but is specifically recommended for irregular complexion, ageing and loss of radiance.