• 100% Natural Jade Aventurine Crystal Roller with a super soft finish
  • Sculpts, firms and contours the face
  • Aids lymphatic drainage
  • Smooths signs of ageing
  • Suitable for all skin types

Fresh Face Natural Jade Aventurine Facial Roller

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  • Our 100% Natural Aventurine Jade Crystal Roller helps to improve skin’s elasticity, reduce signs of ageing, release facial muscle tension as well as aiding lymphatic drainage and faster product absorption.

    This natural, luxurious beauty tool physically firms and contours the skin, with an instant cooling effect. Place in the fridge to provide extra cooling! This will also add to the effectiveness of depuffing the skin.

    Press a couple of drops of your go to facial oil onto clean, dry skin and glide your way to a smoother, firmer and more luminous appearance.

    Our Natural Jade Aventurine Crystal Roller has the smoothest finish to glide perfectly across the skin. It's presented in velvet pouch, making it a luxurious treat for any skin care addict, with amazing results to match.

    It will work to;

    • Reduce signs of ageing
    • Increase product penetration
    • Reduce sagging & puffiness
    • Drain toxins to the lymph nodes to be flushed out of the body
    • Contour the jaw, chin, cheeks and forehead
    • Tighten & firm the facial and neck muscles

    This traditional technique is a gentle but effective workout for your facial muscles with amazing results. Known for its luck and positivity Jade Aventurine is always helping the odds to be in your favour leading to prosperity.

    Suitable for all skin types and should be used daily for optimal results. Please see our demonstration video on how to use this 100% Natural Jade Aventurine Roller.